Shambhala Dental Clinic and Welness Spa,Best Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad

Root canal Treatment(RCT) is a definite solution to your chronically aching tooth. Several things to consider after completion of the treatment

1) The tooth tends to loose its natural elasticity hence it progressively turns brittle. Care not to bite on hard foods. Try minimizing your clenching habit.

2) A mild degree of pain may persist even after RCT or develop during the course of treatment. Make an appointment to visit your dentist if its the case.

3) To assure you do not develop any allergic manifestation wait for at least two weeks before planning for the crown.

4) The last but most important, plan for crown placement . this increases the longevity of your tooth. as mentioned above after RCT, tooth tends to be brittle.

For the best root canal and dental treatments visit

Shambhala Dental Clinic and Welness Spa. The doctors are so calm and composed to feel any kind of pain for the treatment.

8-3-978/3, Flat No.201,
Nalamada Apartments, Above Bigbyte Bakery,
Srinagar Colony, Hyd-73.
Call Now: 040 40126678
appointments: +91 9177267979

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